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July 03, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

EW.com readers say Charles was robbed!

Perhaps Charles Grigsby should have asked ”The Wiz” for one more week on ”American Idol.” The 24-year-old grocery-store employee sang the oddly appropriate ”You Can’t Win,” from the 1978 Diana Ross/Michael Jackson movie musical, on Tuesday — then he was sent easing on down losers’ road the following night.

Grigsby’s demise was a surprise, according to this week’s EW.com poll, in which 63% of more than 7000 voters predicted that Julia DeMato would be voted off. (Grigsby came in second place, with 12% predicting his farewell.) Though no one posting on EW.com’s message board thought Charles actually had a chance in Oz at becoming the next Idol, most people felt that someone else should have been sent home on Wednesday:

Corey should have been spanked for that wretched rendition of a truly beautiful song [”Against All Odds”]. I only hope that I’ll be able to listen to it in the future without hearing echoes of Corey.

julia demato seems to be the ”nikki mckibbin of the season.” granted nikki had a better stage presence and voice, however she skated through a few rounds when she should have been sent home. let’s not let this happen with julia demato! she’s completely out of her league!.

Does Kimberly [Caldwell] make anyone as sick as we are? This ”trying to be everyone’s friend” is sad. She should spend more of her time learning to sing more than one song than crying, hugging, and curling her hair. I wanted to take that red bandana and and put it around her neck!

While many posts included love messages to Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken (and Trenyce got some affection too), Joshua Gracin — the U.S. Marine whose unit may be sent to the Middle East — got some special attention as the United States began its strike against Iraq:

I think that Joshua Gracin is phenomenal. I love his voice, and singing country last night just showed he has enough talent to be able to sing different types of music. He is so proud of his wife and daughter and that just makes him better. Those who said he is capitalizing on being a Marine should be ashamed of yourselves.

I hope Josh goes all the way, and then fights in the war, and comes back a huge star.

If Josh got ”special permission” to stay here because of this competition, then he really isn’t a Marine and is just capitalizing on the patriotism in this country right now. Besides, on an earlier show, he told Simon that his ”first priority” was the Marines. BS! Let’s vote off this country singer!

EW.com readers also had some surprising things to say about last year’s winner, Kelly Clarkson, who returned Tuesday night to sing a tune from her upcoming movie, ”From Justin to Kelly: The Rise of Two American Idols.” While less than a quarter of those who posted comments loved her performance, the rest thought her style and voice were out of tune:

I thought Kelly looked like she just crawled out of some dude’s bed…makeup all smeared, and trying to wrap herself up in his black bedsheet. How about those boots?

First of all somebody sure did pick the wrong song for Kelly Clarkson to sing. She didn’t even have the strength of voice like Ruben or Clay last night.

I was really disappointed in Kelly Clarkson. It seems she has a hard new look about her, and the song she sang she just seemed to scream right through!! I liked the way she appeared last year. She was herself. She doesn’t come across like that anymore. After hearing her sing last night, I won’t bother buying her CD.

Did you all notice that all the stronger singers were in the first hour and the weakest singers went on just before Kelly had to sing? Kelly cannot hang with the class of this edition.

So what’s on tap for next week? Disco (good luck with that one, countrified Josh!) — but one viewer has a suggestion for a future theme:

Here’s what I want to see: A show devoted to Cole Porter and George Gershwin. Not 40s or 50s or any retro style, just those fabulous old songs… Ruben in an Armani tux…singing ”Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered.” Trenyce in another slip dress singing ”Someone to Watch Over Me. Clay singing ”You’re the Top” — and whoever’s left, well, they’re also-rans.

What do you think of this week’s performances and Charles’ goodbye?

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