Chris Pontius & Steve O: Shark Pictures/ZUMA Press/NewsCom
Gary Susman
July 03, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

MTV personalities may have all the shelf life of a carton of milk, but pranks and self-destructive stunts never get old. Maybe that’s why the network is bringing back several of the stars of ”Jackass” to lead its fall slate of new shows, which includes eight new reality series, several of them in the vein of ”Jackass” and ”Punk’d.” ”Jackass”’ Bam Margera will have his own show (still untitled) in which he’ll play practical jokes on friends and relatives, while his old costars, Steve-O and Chris Pontius, will host ”The Nature Show,” in which they’ll travel to exotic lands, meet dangerous creatures like sharks and crocodiles, and see how much they can annoy them without being eaten.

”We didn’t want to do ‘Jackass’ again,” said Brian Graden, president of entertainment at MTV and VH1, in a statement. ”We thought there was enough distinction to their ideas that we would avoid repeating ourselves.”

Also on the fall slate: ”Boiling Point,” another hidden-camera prank show; ”High School Stories,” a documentary series about conflicts at various schools across the country; ”Roommates,” a dating show in which people pick dates based on how their bedrooms are decorated; ”Rich Girls,” a show about the affluent lifestyles of the teenage socialites hoping to be the next Hilton sisters; ”Made Presents: Camp Jim,” in which Jim McMullen, the cheerleading coach made famous on an episode of ”Made,” teaches new recruits how to wield pompoms; and ”The Wade Robson Project,” in which Britney Spears’ choreographer hosts an ”American Idol”-style competition among 80 dancers for a $100,000 prize.

”Punk’d,” MTV’s current reigning reality series, will also be back, with 20 new episodes worth of Ashton Kutcher pranking celebrities. Hey, MTV, let us know when you’re airing the episode in which Ashton reveals that the whole Demi Moore thing has been an elaborate practical joke.

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