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July 03, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Readers wonder, why Kim not Carmen?

Maybe ”It’s Still Rock & Roll” to Kimberly Caldwell — but America wasn’t hearing it.

The 21-year-old from Katy, Tex., was sent packing after Tuesday’s Billy Joel-themed show — even though, once again, most posters to EW.com argue it should have been Carmen instead:

Kim should never have been voted off last night. The other two in the bottom three [Carmen and Trenyce] should have been gone some time ago. What is wrong with this show is that people can vote as many times as they wish, so it is not a true reflection of what America thinks.

I miss Kim C. already. These people are all HORRIBLE to look at, except maybe Josh.

Speaking of looks… Now that posters to our boards have thoroughly debated who can sing and who can’t (yes, yes, we know you love Ruuuben and Clay and want to gag Carmen), they’re tackling another question: How is image affecting the competition? It’s become an increasingly hot topic, since three of the favorite ”Idol” wannabes (Clay, Ruben, and Kimberley Locke) aren’t stereotypical pop-star material:

howlin’ wolf
Carmen stays on because men like my husband vote and vote and vote and vote for her. He likes Ruben, Clay, and Kimberly Locke for their performances, but he wants to keep Carmen on the show to look at. Sad, but true. And pathetically 100 percent male.

The reason the judges don’t comment on Ruben’s weight is that they’ve stereotyped him into that Walrus of Soul image, like Barry and Luther.? Kim Locke won’t be able to carry it of…b/c really and truly America hates fat women.

What should happen is they should do a show with the contestants behind a curtain, so you can’t see them…. don’t mention their name before they come on.. and just listen to them sing.? we’re so sadistic to pick people for what they look like and not for what they sound like.

To R
Why do we have to close our eyes and just listen? Why did they invent VH1 and MTV? So we could see these people perform.

While Kimberley Locke’s fan base on the message boards is steadily growing, support for some other contestants is beginning to wane:

Trenyce has the ice princess/diva/Diana Ross thing down pat and needs to get vote off SOON — she’s not nearly as talented as SHE thinks she is.

Last night, Josh red, white and blew his chance of landing in the final three; his ”Piano Man” sounded more Casio than Steinway.

What do you think of the remaining ”American Idol” contestants’ chances?

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