Gary Susman
July 21, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

There’ll soon be a little gladiator running around the household of Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer. The Oscar winner and his actress-singer wife are expecting a child in January, Crowe told Australian TV’s ”A Current Affair” this weekend. ”Danni is 14 weeks and three days. So it is a lot of fun, and she is feeling all the effects of it,” he said of his new wife’s pregnancy.

Crowe’s reckoning suggests that the child was conceived on the couple’s Australian honeymoon, following the April 7 wedding on Crowe’s ranch. Since then, Crowe and Spencer have moved into a luxury apartment in Sydney, while he’s taken a break from his career to spend more time with her. ”I just said to myself, if I don’t take this time I’ll never be a newlywed again,” he said. ”I’ll never have that opportunity to simply be around for Danni and stuff like that, and I think the fact that she’s pregnant is because of that. It’s because I haven’t really been running around doing the schedule at other people’s beck and call.”

Besides, Crowe said, it’s not like anyone’s clamoring to see him, at least in his second career as a rocker. ”I am Elvis, but in reverse. My movies are good, but my music apparently sucks,” he said of his band, Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts. Nonetheless, the Melbourne Daily Herald reports, he and the band are scheduled to perform Thursday at a concert for Australian army personnel in Palm Island, in Queensland.

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