Britney Spears: Eddie Malluk/
Gary Susman
July 24, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Britney Spears is going to be spending a lot of time in sports arenas. No, she’s not touring again; she’s just into auto racing and football. This week, her camp announced that, despite reports to the contrary, she’s on track to shoot a film set in the world of NASCAR, and she’s also planning to hang out in training camp with the New York Jets in preparation for her role as the star of the NFL’s season kickoff.

In a statement released Wednesday, Spears’ film production company denied recent reports that had her dropping out of a long-planned racing movie. ”The movie, titled ‘Trading Paint,’ has been developed specifically for Spears. She is attached to costar and also to produce,” the statement read. It quotes Spears producing partner Ann Carli as saying, ”Britney herself was surprised to hear that she had allegedly said she would not be making the movie. We have a wonderful script by Jim Hart [who’s one of the writers of the new ”Lara Croft” sequel], and we are concluding our financing. We’ll be announcing our choice of director shortly.”

Describing Spears’ role in the film, Carli said, ”there was never a plan for Spears to play a driver. Her role has always been, as was announced last summer, to play the daughter of the head of a NASCAR racing dynasty.” According to the statement, the story has Spears’ character using her knowledge of the racing world to help a driver who has mysteriously left racing to return to the track.

Meanwhile, Spears will be filling the role played last year by Jon Bon Jovi in helping the NFL to open its season with a musical tailgate party before the Sept. 4 game between the Jets and the Washington Redskins. As part of her duties, she’ll be visiting the Jets’ training camp in August, MTV News reports. It’s not clear what else Spears will be doing (she’s not playing a halftime show, a Jets spokesperson told MTV), but Bon Jovi will be a hard act to follow. Not only did he precede the New York Giants-San Francisco 49ers opener with a concert in Times Square that drew 500,000 fans, but during training, he even ran a few plays with the Giants. We’re guessing Britney is not going to be telling the Jets’ defense to hit her one more time.

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