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Liane Bonin
July 24, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Embarrassment-prone Jim (Jason Biggs) and lusty band geek Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) may be tying the knot in the new ”American Pie” sequel, ”American Wedding” (Aug. 1), but leave it to a goofball like Stifler to steal the limelight. Seann William Scott (”Dude, Where’s My Car?”) returns as the fun-loving jock, but this time Stifler reveals a surprising new dimension (a conscience). talked to the actor, 26, about his raunchy bachelor party scene, why he thought Stifler was gay, and more.

Stifler surprises us by revealing actual feelings. Has he gone soft?
I wanted to make sure he wasn’t one-dimensional. It’s the last time you’re going to see him; he’s older, and this story really completes his whole character. Stifler and Finch [Eddie Kaye Thomas] had been archenemies, so it was good to have them come together in the end, kinda.

How hard did you have to lobby to win Stifler a soul?
The character arc was already there in the script. And I liked the idea of him being a high school coach, of him being a loser, although he doesn’t see himself that way. He’s just happy and doesn’t realize he doesn’t have any friends. He’s like the guys I grew up with back in Minnesota. They were the ones who played sports and went to college thinking they were still The Guy, when in reality they had gained the freshman 15 and lost their pizzazz a little bit.

The bachelor party scene was pretty outrageous. Was there anything that ended up on the cutting room floor?
There’s going to be a lot of weird stuff on the DVD, like when Stifler has sex with a blow-up doll. But the weirdest thing about that scene was that filming started out being really cool because the girls [Nikki Ziering and Amanda Swisten] were naked all the time. But then we just got used to it. Really.

Stifler befriends Bear, a burly gay man. Was there ever any chance of a love connection?
I was honestly expecting to get the script for this movie and find out Stifler was gay, because he’s so ambiguous. But I thought the way it ended up, with Stifler feeling compelled to dance because he can’t deal with Bear [Eric Kramer] not wanting to have sex with him, was pretty cool.

You show off some pretty fancy dance moves, especially at the gay bar. How long did it take to pull that scene together?
About a month. Our choreographer, Marguerrite Derricks, also did the dance scenes for ”Austin Powers.” I was really worried I wasn’t going to be able to get a lot of the stuff down. Luckily, I think it works. Jesse [Dylan, the director] and I picked out the ’80s songs, which were really funny for the movie. I love Duran Duran!

So, are you going to miss the Stif?
This time I really feel like I’ve done everything I want to do with this character. But I’ll definitely miss him. Won’t you?

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