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Online readers are going both ways with Beyonce’s CD Dangerously in Love. Z Jay says it ”gave me chills of pleasure.” But Ladyejustice writes: ”’Crazy in Love’ is an average pop song – played to death. Can we please bring back true R&B singers?” Got an opinion? Respond to EW’s review of this album and other new picks at


He’s Demi Moore’s squeeze and every casting director’s dream. Read about Hollywood hunk Ashton Kutcher’s next six movies – plus, get our complete coverage by typing his name in the search box at


Grammy darling Norah Jones is No. 2 in CD sales this year. Find out who else made the top 10 – including the tattooed rapper at No. 1 – and get more news, updated daily at Get More of What You Love About ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

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Originally posted July 25 2003 — 12:00 AM EDT

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