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July 25, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Candace Bushnell’s fancy heels can’t quite lift her as high as Danielle Steel on this week’s chart, as Steel’s new novel, Johnny Angel, debuts three spots atop Bushnell’s romp Trading Up. She did, at least, arrive two steps ahead of Kathy Reichs, whose mystery Bare Bones says hi at No. 8. In nonfiction, Benjamin Franklin is standing tall: Walter Isaacson’s Ben bio debuts at No. 5.


1 HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX 3 J. K. Rowling, Scholastic, $29.99 2 THE DA VINCI CODE Dan Brown, Doubleday, $24.95 16 3 JOHNNY ANGEL Danielle Steel, Delacorte, $19.95 1 4 THE LAKE HOUSE James Patterson, Little, Brown, $27.95 4 5 WHITE DEATH: A NOVEL FROM THE NUMA FILES 3 Clive Cussler with Paul Kemprecos, Putnam, $26.95 6 TRADING UP Candace Bushnell, Hyperion, $24.95 1 7 THE LOVELY BONES Alice Sebold, Little, Brown, $21.95 53 8 BARE BONES Kathy Reichs, Scribner, $25 1 9 THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA 12 Lauren Weisberger, Doubleday, $21.95 10 THE GUARDIAN Nicholas Sparks, Warner, $24.95 13


1 LIVING HISTORY 4 Hillary Rodham Clinton, Simon & Schuster, $28 2 THE SOUTH BEACH DIET Arthur Agatston, M.D., Rodale, $24.95 13 3 THE ESSENTIAL 55: AN AWARD-WINNING EDUCATOR’S RULES 2 FOR DISCOVERING THE SUCCESSFUL STUDENT IN EVERY CHILD Ron Clark, Hyperion, $19.95 4 TREASON: LIBERAL TREACHERY FROM THE COLD WAR TO THE 2 WAR ON TERRORISM Ann Coulter, Crown Forum, $26.95 5 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN: AN AMERICAN LIFE Walter Isaacson, 1 Simon & Schuster, $30 6 THE PURPOSE-DRIVEN LIFE Rick Warren, Zondervan, $19.99 23 7 A SHORT HISTORY OF NEARLY EVERYTHING Bill Bryson, 9 Broadway, $27.50 8 ATKINS FOR LIFE Robert C. Atkins, St. Martin’s, $24.95 24 9 MONEYBALL: THE ART OF WINNING AN UNFAIR GAME 8 Michael Lewis, Norton, $24.95 10 GOOD TO GREAT: WHY SOME COMPANIES MAKE THE LEAP…AND 40 OTHERS DON’T Jim Collins, HarperBusiness, $27.50


New in Paperback

A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE FLOOD Jean Harfenist (Vintage, $12) Harfenist’s coming-of-age novel ”delivers nothing less than the full, turbulent girlhood of Liilian Anderson of Acorn Lake, Minn.,” according to Big If author Mark Costello, who gave the book a hearty thumbs-up in EW earlier this year.

YOUNG MEN ON FIRE Howard Hunt (Scribner, $13) In a novel about the end of the ”great American boom,” four alpha males binge on New York City nightlife just before 9/11 strikes. And the cover art is naughty.

IN HER SHOES Jennifer Weiner (WSP, $14) The Good in Bed author introduces unlikely sisters — one a plus-size lawyer, the other a hot actress.

I’LL LET YOU GO Bruce Wagner (Random House, $13.95) Wagner, a master satirist, once again skewers overprivileged Angelenos in a tale of three wealthy young teens who meet a homeless girl named Amaryllis.

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