The Donnas: Stacy Kranitz
Kristina Feliciano
August 01, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

”It’s kind of like a daydream,” says singer Brett Anderson, a.k.a. Donna A. (left, with Donnas C., R., and F.), of their new video for ”Too Bad About Your Girl,” which features a surreal assortment of suits, street vendors, and even a guy dressed in a hospital gown dragging an IV — all performing pro-level stunts on skateboards. The tune, about a hot guy who’s already taken, pops up in Aug. 15’s boarding flick ”Grind” — and the film’s stars (including Mike Vogel and Adam Brody) even got in on the ”Girl” action. No wannabe Tony Hawks themselves, though, the Donnas performed safely on the sidelines of the video’s West L.A. set. Adds director Charles Jensen, who dreamed up the absurdity: ”Once we pull the trigger, nothing makes sense.” Ah. That would explain that airborne Chinese trinket seller.

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