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Drowning Pool frontman found dead on tour bus

Drowning Pool frontman found dead on tour bus. Dave Williams, the singer for the popular Ozzfest band, was 30

Dave Williams, frontman for Ozzfest band Drowning Pool, was found dead on the band’s tour bus Wednesday during a stop in Manassas, Va., the Associated Press reports. The cause of death for the 30-year-old singer was undetermined and is under investigation, but it may be days before autopsy results can determine the cause of death.

The Dallas-based band, which has sold 1.2 million copies of its CD ”Sinner” since its release last summer, had been a popular Ozzfest attraction and had performed Tuesday night in Indianapolis. Other band members were checking into a hotel Wednesday, in anticipation of gig outside Washington, D.C., scheduled for Thursday. When Williams didn’t follow the others into the hotel, they returned to the bus to check on him.

”He was somebody who knew how to entertain,” Wind-up Records spokesman Steve Karas told AP. ”He cared more about his fans than most artists and, genuinely, in his heart, gave everything he had every time he was on stage.”