Freddy vs. Jason: James Dittiger
EW Staff
August 01, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Find out the cold, hard stats on Freddy Krueger

Name Freddy Krueger

Played by Robert Englund

Franchise ”Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984)

Number of Movies 7

Body Count 30

Method of Dispatch Dirty glove with 10-inch-blade fingernails

Classic Kill Freddy transforms a victim into a cockroach and slowly rips each limb from her body (”The Dream Master”).

Where You’ll Find Him Within the bad dreams of the children on Elm Street in Springwood, Ohio

Back Story A child molester released on a technicality, he was burned to death by the parents of his victims — all Elm Street residents.

Celebrity Frightings Freddy sliced and diced Johnny Depp (the first ”Nightmare”) and Breckin Meyer (”Freddy’s Dead”), while Laurence Fishburne and Patricia Arquette (”Dream Warriors”) survived.

Achilles’ Heel Drag him into the real world, because in dreams, he’s invincible.

Will He Beat Jason? Las Vegas oddsmakers say no. They have him as a 5-to-7 underdog. But don’t count him out just yet — Freddy’s MO has always been brains over brawn.

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