Get a behind-the-scenes peek at Hollywood |


Get a behind-the-scenes peek at Hollywood

Kate Bosworth, Jerry Bruckheimer, Sharon Osbourne, and others give an inside look at the way entertainment is made

In any given week in Hollywood, a new star is born – and an old one burns out. A potential Oscar-winning script is sold (or chucked in the trash), a TV series is given the green light (or put on hiatus), a hot new band is signed (or dropped), an opening weekend makes a movie producer’s career (or has him mentally refinancing his home), and a thousand other mostly unseen moments unfold under this city’s famous sun-kissed skies (and lung-choking smog).

In this issue, we’ve tried to capture the moments of just one of those weeks – July 11 through 18 – with pictures and words that give you an inside peek at the entertainment industry at work. Some of the moments caught in these pages are big (producer Jerry Bruckheimer checking the opening grosses for Pirates of the Caribbean), some are small (a casting call for Everwood), and some are just moments we’ve been curious about (what really goes on in the Simpsons writers’ room).

Each moment, though, is important in its own way (even plucking Jaime Pressly’s eyebrows). Because for all its buzz and glory, Hollywood is a town that often turns on the briefest twinkling of time. The people in these pages are working 24/7, whether on set, at home, or on the town. And for good reason: It takes just a flash, after all, for fame and fortune to catch fire – and even less for them to flicker out forever.