Freddy vs. Jason: James Dittiger
EW Staff
August 01, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Get the stats on ”Friday the 13th”’s Jason

Name Jason Voorhees

Played by First-timer Ken Kirzinger (Kane Hodder is best known for the role)

Franchise ”Friday the 13th” (1980)

Number of Movies 10

Body Count 127

Method of dispatch A machete, generally

Classic Kill Jason ties up two naked women in their sleeping bags and pummels them against a tree (”Jason X”).

Where You’ll Find Him Camp Crystal Lake, but he’s been known to make the occasional trip to the big city (”Jason Takes Manhattan”) — or space (”Jason X”).

Back Story In 1957, Jason drowned in Crystal Lake because his camp counselors were busy getting busy. Death is Jason’s revenge on the young and randy.

Celebrity Frightings Jason’s had the pleasure to knock off Crispin Glover (”The Final Chapter”) and Kelly Hu (”Jason Takes Manhattan”). On the flip side, Corey Feldman kills him in ”Final Chapter” — at least until lightning resurrects the corpse in ”Jason Lives.”

Achilles’ Heel A good explosion or decapitation will slow him down for a while — but even atmospheric burn-up hasn’t cleaned his clock for good.

Will He Beat Freddy? Yes, say Vegas oddsmakers. He’s the favorite, with 2-to-3 odds. But give Freddy the home-field advantage — ”Jason vs. Freddy” takes place on Elm Street…until the very end.

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