Steve Daly
August 01, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The Streisand Collection

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We gave it a C+

More like accumulation, since this $69.92 set throws together four of Barbra’s disparate movies (all available separately). The keeper is 1972’s screwball homage What’s Up, Doc? in which Streisand and Ryan O’Neal mug amusingly while Madeline Kahn steals the show as Eunice, red-wigged fiancee from hell. Also noteworthy: the 1972 feminist-revolution curio Up the Sandbox, with Streisand as a housewife whose daydreams include bedding Fidel Castro and toppling the Statue of Liberty. Streisand provides two cursory 10-minute commentaries (for Doc and for 1979’s wretched O’Neal reunion The Main Event, pictured) and two full-length ones, for Sandbox and the 1987 courtroom drama Nuts. They range from honest and intimate to obtuse and egotistical: Listen as she second-guesses her directors while claiming to honor their visions, and slams female critics as being ”harder on women,” namely Babs. If that smells like catnip, pounce. Otherwise, go find Funny Girl and The Way We Were.

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