Holly Golightly

(Holly Golightly: Graham Giles/Camera Press/Retna)


Truly She is None Other

Lead Performer: Holly Golightly; Producer (group): Damaged Goods

You may know of singer-songwriter Holly Golightly from her guest spot on the White Stripes’ ”Elephant,” but she’s been releasing her own good-to-great records for nearly a decade. This longtime habitue of the British garage-rock world has just dropped her 10th CD, Truly She Is None Other (Damaged Goods), a set of appealing folk-rock ditties shot through with girl-group sweetness and a soupcon of punky attitude. Two songs here, ”Walk a Mile” and ”There’s an End,” are simply wonderful; timeless and haunting, they could have been written yesterday or 50 years ago. Elsewhere, Golightly covers a pair of obscurities from the Kinks (”Time Will Tell” and ”Tell Me Now So I Know”), gets all bent and bluesy (”Black Night”), and generally wins you over with her guileless voice and straightforward tunes. By the end of ”Truly,” you may just find yourself as taken with her as Jack White (who wrote the liner notes) seems to be.

Originally posted August 1 2003 — 12:00 AM EDT

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