Gary Susman
August 04, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

It’s hard to imagine you’d be taken seriously in the business world if you came to work dressed like Michael Jackson — unless you live in Japan. That’s where clothier Wakita is about to release a spring line of business suits inspired by the King of Pop, the Associated Press reports.

Not that the outfits will resemble all that closely the singer’s famously outlandish outfits. ”You know those clothes Michael wears on the stage? They won’t quite be that wild because we do have to sell in bulk to regular people,” Wakita spokesman Junichi Ota told AP. ”No glove either.”

In fact, Wakita promises only that the suits will bear Jackson’s authorized ”MJ” logo and be patterned from designs ”evocative of the singer,” AP reports. Nonetheless, a Singapore-based agent for Jackson will approve the designs for the suits, which will retail for $480, slightly more than typical Wakita suits. Note to Wakita: Let us know when the children’s version, complete with feathered mask, is available.

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