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August 05, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

After Entertainment Weekly’s recent cover story One Week in Hollywood, which showed how Mya, Kate Bosworth, and other stars spend their time, we asked readers to tell us what their own Tinseltown dream job would be. While many said they can picture themselves in the spotlight, a surprising number said they’d prefer to work in the shadows — eye shadows, that is. We chose some of the best posts, below:

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It would be make-up artist or hairstylist, as those folks get to be touchy-feely with the stars. I can just imagine telling Brad Pitt to pucker up so I could apply the perfect shade of lipstick to those sexy full lips of his! Or combing Hugh Jackman’s long locks and massaging in a nice mousse thru his hair.

MidnightWolf 369
They say that people tell their hairdressers everything. Well, maybe it could therapeutic to tell this make-up artist all.

Our message board also attracted a lot of aspiring actors and singers:

VelChiKel I feel I would be a good actress because I love to sink into characters and leave my boring life behind. Most of the actors and actresses are great liars, and that’s why they portray the characters so well. I am great at lying and fit that role perfectly. Plus, think of all the money.

My HOLLYWOOD dream job would be, of course, to land the best roles in the greatest movies ever written. For me, it’d be nearly impossible to settle for a behind-the-scenes job in Hollywood. I want the glitz, the glamour, the fame, everything.

I step up to the microphone, the crowd gets quiet, I hear my music cue and all of my emotions flow out of my mouth…and into the ears of my audience. I love the whole feeling of being on that stage, singing and entertaining my audience.

Then there were the more adventurous among you:

My DREAM job is to be a stunt double for a top Hollywood Actress! I love excitement, I’m a huge daredevil, will try anything daring and dangerous.

My dream job would be to work for Ozzy and Sharon. The reason is I have no life and it would be great fun to be around them even for a week.

And what if these dreams don’t come to fruition? Vibe526 has a backup plan:

If my acting is horrible, well, there’s always modeling.

Post your Tinseltown dream job

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