Dana Varela: Tony Esparza
Dalton Ross
August 07, 2003 AT 12:00 PM EDT

It was unanimous on ”Big Brother” this week

Schizophrenia alert!!! We all knew Dana was a little off her rocker. The Man Troll has seemed a little unstable since? well, since she stepped into the house, but we really saw her crazy side this week. Or should I say crazy SIDES.

Side one: ”I?m Dana, I take the high road,” she said to Robert during the veto ceremony, explaining why she didn?t think he should use the veto. Side Two: Cut to three seconds later and Dana is in the diary room talking about how Robert SHOULD do the honorable thing and use it to save her.

Side one; After telling everyone ”I?m Dana. I take the high road” (possibly the funniest line in ”Big Brother” history) she went on to promise ”I won?t campaign against Jun.” Side two: Cut to Dana telling the camera ”I?m not going out without a fight,” and them proceeding to campaign against Jun.

This woman is truly cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. And this woman is truly gone, voted out 6-0. It?s too bad, really. While you?d never want to see this emotional wreck walk away with the $500,000, her mini-meltdowns and shifting allegiances certainly made things interesting. Speaking of interesting, Alison has become a very pivotal player in this game.

Although at first she could be discounted as a mere Jacuzzi floozy, she used her time as HOH pretty boldly. By striking a secret deal with the Three Stooges (Justin, Robert, and Jee), Alison probably insured her safety for the next week even tough her ex Justin is the new Head of Household.

But what if the Alliance gets wind of her defection? That could put her in the same position as Dana — no man?s land (or no woman?s land, if you want to get technical). The Alliance could turn on her and she?s unlikely to break up the Stooges. Still, she?d probably be on the block this week had she not been cutting deals. And now her main man Nathan looks the most vulnerable.

Tough week for that guy. First he has to deal with everyone accusing him of being gay (a rumor started by Alison of all people), and now he could be looking at a face to face with Julie Chen sooner than he thought. And who knows, maybe she?ll actually get his name right this time.

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