Mariah Carey designs 'toons, jewelry for 'tweens |


Mariah Carey designs 'toons, jewelry for 'tweens

Mariah Carey designs 'toons, jewelry for 'tweens. Her new venture, Automatic Princess, involves a TV series, records, books, and accessories for girls

Mariah Carey, who started her own record label last year, is branching out further into mogul-dom. According to the New York Daily News, her new venture is called Automatic Princess, and it’ll be targeting ‘tween-age princesses everywhere with a number of creative projects and a line of accessories.

Automatic Princess is the name of a character ”with a positive image,” a source close to Carey told the Daily News. She’ll be the focus of a cartoon series (Carey’s talking to the creators of Nickelodeon’s ”As Told by Ginger”), a book, and a record released this fall on Carey’s Monarc label, performed by a 7-year-old singer named Sadie Dat Baby.

”Automatic Princess” is a favorite catchphrase of Carey’s; she wore a 24-karat gold belt emblazoned with the phrase in a recent music video. Presumably, girls won’t be able to buy that item, but they will be able to buy Automatic Princess jewelry and related items. Note to Carey: Hotpants and halter tops are probably not appropriate.