What happened to that ''Blue's Clues'' guy? Find out | EW.com


What happened to that ''Blue's Clues'' guy? Find out

What happened to that ''Blue's Clues'' guy? Find out -- Steve Burns has a new CD and a movie on his slate

Steve Burns

(Steve Burns Photograph by Erin Patrice o)


AGE 29

HOMETOWN Boyertown, Pa.

CURRENT His CD, ”Songs for Dustmites,” drops Aug. 12

EXPERIENCE Hosting Nickelodeon’s ”Blue’s Clues,” 1996-2002

NEXT The film ”Christmas on Mars”

REFERENCES Toddlers, Mr. Salt, babysitters everywhere

5 YEARS AGO ”The ‘Blue’s Clues’ golden era had arrived…. I was consulting salt and pepper shakers made of felt, taking orders from a blue puzzle-solving puppy, cultivating a severe wardrobe disorder – and loving it!”

NOW ”There were definitely moments when I would run into the next room so I could giggle maniacally, jump up and down, and clap my hands…. I mean, working with the Flaming Lips on my new album was like a dream come true!”

5 YEARS FROM NOW ”I’d like to assist on a deep-sea recovery effort. But I do intend to be making music, so I’ll be doing an underwater tour of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge – that giant mountain chain – playing for my crew and whatever else is down there.”