Gary Susman
August 13, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Apparently, audiences preferred the fake Roseanne. The fictional Roseanne of her self-titled sitcom ruled TV 10 years ago, but ABC’s ”The Real Roseanne Show” debuted last week in 59th place, according to Nielsen. Some 5.5 million viewers watched the meta-show, about the making of Roseanne Barr’s upcoming ABC Family Channel series ”Domestic Goddess.” Still, while reality bit for ABC (whose other reality show, ”The Family,” was No. 73 last week), it continued to reap big numbers for NBC and CBS.

The penultimate episode of NBC’s ”Who Wants to Marry My Dad” drew 9.2 million viewers, for a No. 12 finish. (This week’s series finale, which drew 11.1 million, ought to crack the top 10.) Also doing well were ”For Love or Money 2” (No. 16), ”Fear Factor” (No. 18), ”Last Comic Standing” (No. 20), and ”The Restaurant” (No. 26). ”Race to the Altar,” however, straggled in at No. 69.

CBS scored with its three installments of ”Big Brother” (Wednesday’s episode, which aired opposite ”Roseanne” and drew nearly twice its audience, was the week’s 10th most-watched show). Thursday’s ”Amazing Race 4” finished at No. 19. On the other hand, Simon Cowell’s ”Cupid” fell to 57th this week after moving from Tuesday to Wednesday.

As has been typical this summer, the top 10 saw a showdown between producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s CBS crime dramas and those of NBC’s Dick Wolf. Bruckheimer’s ”CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” was the week’s top show (14 million viewers), followed by his ”Without a Trace.” (No. 2) and ”CSI Miami” (No. 5). Wolf’s three ”Law & Order” shows came in at Nos. 7, 9, and 11. CBS won the week with an average of 7.9 million viewers, followed by NBC with 6.8 million. ABC, boosted by Monday’s pre-season NFL game (No. 3), finished third (6.6 million), followed by Fox (5.4 million), UPN (2.5 million), and the WB (2.4 million).

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