Jennifer Armstrong
August 15, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

This summer’s glut of reality TV has wrought not one, but two shrill, touchy-feely Euro-babes-turned-hosts. Here’s how to tell Dani Behr (Bravo’s ”Boy Meets Boy”) and Amanda Byram (Fox’s ”Paradise Hotel”) apart.

DANI BEHR The former BBC children’s-show personality with a platinum shag fawns over gay bachelor James and his harem. HER ACCENT WORKS WHEN… she calls the contestants ”mates.” NOT WHEN… she follows a rules rundown with ”Capeesh?” HOW MUCH SAND WE WANT TO KICK IN HER FACE 5 buckets (out of 5).

AMANDA BYRAM Constantly getting cozy with contestants, this Irish brunette seems like she wants in on the Hotel action. HER ACCENT WORKS WHEN… she makes ”a once-in-a-lifetime ticket to paradise” sound cooler than it is. NOT WHEN… she teases players with lines like ”As you all know full well, we love surprises here at Paradise Hotel.” HOW MUCH SAND WE WANT TO KICK IN HER FACE 3 buckets.

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