Sumeet Bal
August 22, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

In last spring’s movie Down With Love, Renee Zellweger writes a surprise bestseller with that title encouraging ’60s women to be more like John F. Kennedy than Jackie — with a three-step plan to shed romantic attachments. BEST CHAPTER TITLE Men Who Change Women as Often as They Change Their Shirts MARRIAGE, SCHMARRIAGE ”I can’t be your wife, with the kids and the suburbs.” FAMOUS LAST WORDS ”She can have sex whenever she likes, without love, and enjoy it like a man does — a la carte.”

In this month’s Against Love (Pantheon, $24), Northwestern media-studies prof Laura Kipnis argues that modern folks should be more like Bill Clinton than Hillary — offering a philosophical defense of adultery. BEST CHAPTER TITLE Domestic Gulags MARRIAGE, SCHMARRIAGE She calls long-term coupledom ”emotional anesthesia.” FAMOUS LAST WORDS ”Adultery is to love-by-the-rules what the test tube is to science: a container for experiments. It’s a way to have a hypothesis, to be improvisational: ‘What if…?’ ”

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