David Letterman: John P. Filo
Gary Susman
August 29, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

With little fanfare, David Letterman is marking the 10th anniversary of his move to CBS on Friday’s episode of ”Late Show,” which debuted on the network on Aug. 30, 1993. The gala anniversary hoopla will include visits from two of Dave’s favorite guests (Bonnie Hunt and comic Don Gavin), an anniversary-themed ”Know Your Current Events” segment, and an anniversary Top 10 list. And that’s it.

”I really think that CBS is acknowledging what an accomplishment it is to be on the air for 10 years,” executive producer Rob Burnett tells the New York Post, suggesting that the milestone is a bigger deal for the network than it is for Letterman. ”Obviously in Dave’s case it’s really 22 years.” In fact, according to the Hollywood Reporter, the hour-long primetime special the network wants to mark the occasion won’t air on CBS until February, which really marks the 22nd anniversary of his late-night debut — on NBC.

Friday’s list topic is the Top 10 ”Good Things About Being on CBS for 10 Years.” Item No: 8: ”No matter how many years you’re at the network, you’ll never be as old as the ’60 Minutes’ guys.” No. 7: ”Critics have begun comparing me to Carson… Daly.” And No. 1: ”CBS? I thought this was ABC.”

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