Alias: Scott Garfield
Missy Schwartz
August 29, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Why we shamelessly love ”Alias” fanfiction

Sydney Bristow is hunting down an assassin hired by archenemy Arvin Sloane to kill fellow CIA agent (and lover) Michael Vaughn. The hitwoman is ruthless, armed with razor-sharp sais and devoid of allegiance. Her name? Elektra Notchios.

Down, geek: This isn’t a sneak peek at an upcoming ”Alias” script, but rather a nugget of online fanfiction. In the far-out corners of the cyber-universe where tube freaks pen adventures — sorry, ”fics” — for their beloved heroes, there are no rules. Jennifer Garner’s small-screen Sydney can knock down her big-screen Elektra, then team back up with her to rescue Vaughn. Meanwhile, verbally challenged technogeek Marshall can write an advice column ( And evil Irina Derevko can be a model grandmother to the Bristow-Vaughn twins ( These fics are littered with grammar and spelling errors, but we dare you to close your browser on the earnest author epigraphs. Pleads AgentBristow, who penned an eight-chapter yarn called Recall, ”I have been working REALLY hard at this, so please read it and please like it!” Consider it done.

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