Ken Tucker
September 05, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Alias: The Complete First Season

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In Season

We gave it an A

It’s a great pleasure to be able to watch creator J.J. Abrams’ marvelous spy puzzle assemble itself over the course of its debut season, one episode after another, and to see how Jennifer Garner’s Agent Bristow comes to terms with her various loyalties — to her government, to her friends, to her neglectful father (Victor Garber). There are lots of DVD extras, including the show’s snappily edited TV promotions (a quick way for you adolescent boys to see Garner in all her various wigs, tight dresses, and spike heels). But its best feature is the commentary from three of the show’s executive producer-writers (John Eisendrath, Alex Kurtzman-Counter, and Roberto Orci) analyzing ”Q&A,” the season’s sole ”clip show,” on how much work it requires to make the show, well, make sense, and offering the endearing observation that Garber ”hates every second” of any action scene he’s in. (Seems he’d much rather sit at a desk and, y’know, act.)

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