EW Staff
September 05, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Director Linda Mendoza’s hokey attempt at romantic comedy follows the misadventures of three Latinas — a frigid professional (Sanchez), a princess (Velasquez), and a hoochie mama (Sofia Vergara) — who empower themselves while vying for the affections of a hot marketing director, a.k.a. Papi. There’s lots of flying hair, plenty of sashaying, and most regrettably, a spontaneous synchronized dance scene! Although this extended Fanta ad tries to serve a demographic long ignored by Hollywood, it suffers the same shortcoming as black films of the same genre: the hypersexualization of women at the expense of a plausible plot. EXTRAS With uneventful outtakes and a cheesy music video, the bonus material is pretty lame unless you’re trying to sharpen your linguistics. If so, the commentary, on which the actors jump between Spanish and English, can serve as an invaluable language lesson.

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