Rick Tetzeli
September 05, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

A little over a year ago, Listen2This, a monthly music supplement to Entertainment Weekly magazine, made its debut. Since then, about a third of you have been regularly receiving this showcase for new music. L2T’s mandate has been to seek out the most exciting tunes, trends, and sounds out there. Buzzed-about bands like Coldplay, the Roots, AFI, and the White Stripes all appeared early on L2T covers. Each month, reviewer Will Hermes has combed through underground releases to unearth the new CDs that we think will appeal to adventurous music lovers. And we have voraciously reported on new genres, from dancehall to Goth-punk, as they’ve emerged.

We recently decided to add a new twist or three to our funky little supplement. With this issue, we’re expanding our focus to include coverage of videogames, comics, and personal-tech gadgets, on the assumption that 9 out of 10 music heads are into those things as well (and if you’re not, here’s a chance to discover why you might want to think about checking them out). So from here on out, you can look to L2T for reviews of the latest and hippest videogames. We’ll also guide you through the colorful world of comics (no, they’re not just for kids anymore), an oft-misunderstood art form that’s finally gaining the mainstream attention it’s long deserved. And in every issue, we’ll also point you toward the very best new entertainment gizmos to enhance the technological side of your life.

If all this sounds like the sort of fun you’d like to get in on, see below to find out how subscribers can sign up to get Listen2This — absolutely free of charge. Now, that should be music to your ears.

How to Get Listen2This

Listen2This is a monthly supplement to Entertainment Weekly magazine with expanded coverage of alternative and indie-minded music, and now includes comics, video-games, and personal-tech gadgets. Log on to ew.com/register2listen if you’d like to receive Listen2This.

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