Will Hermes
September 05, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT


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Recloose, Ursula Rucker, Various Artists

We gave it a B

Now that DJ music has pretty much dropped off America’s cultural radar, we’re all back at the import shops as if the ”electronica revolution” never happened. This anniversary compilation from Germany’s ground-breaking !K7 label is a reminder that the EEC is still pushing things forward, even if it sometimes needs U.S. artists (Recloose, Ursula Rucker) to do it. An ostensible history of the label, this three-disc set is long on the sort of lush, jazzy house and breakbeat tracks (Kruder & Dorfmeister, Terranova) that mark the brand. Oddly, it focuses on vocals, not always the label’s strong suit, as opposed to dubby mood-music instrumentals. But as an alternate-universe take on modern R&B, it’s an ear opener. HEY, VJ The bonus DVD features a clip for Tosca’s ”Honey” that reimagines the sticky-girl cover of the same-named Ohio Players LP as a menage a quatre. Sweet.

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