EW Staff
September 05, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Write what you know. That’s the usual maxim for first-time novelists. And so it was for Entertainment Weekly senior writer Rebecca Ascher-Walsh and former Fortune Senior Editor Erik Torkells. Teaming up under the pseudonym C.J. Tosh, the duo penned ”Bite” (Downtown, $22), a high-gloss novel following the professional and personal travails of Samantha, a posh writer for the showbiz weekly ”Star Face,” and her gay buddy Tom, an editor at the finance mag ”Profit.” But this is no roman a clef. ”Sam is thinner and cuter and single,” says Ascher-Walsh. ”But her office is just as messy.” And unlike her heroine, she’s never been fired for rumors that she, ahem, got too intimate with Russell Crowe.

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