Tom Sinclair
September 05, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Wild Emotions

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We gave it a B+

One learns to be wary of albums that profess to be nothing but good ol’ rock & roll; as often as not, they wind up sounding as vapid and rote as the latest nauseating prefab pop concoction. But every so often a young band comes along that’s able to work some real juju with nothing more than the rawest of materials — a Bo Diddley backbeat here, a coupla spare Stones riffs there, the wild-eyed drive of long-gone garage heroes like the Sonics elsewhere. Such a band is Mississippi’s PREACHER’S KIDS, whose new disc, WILD EMOTIONS (Get Hip), is filled with the sort of white-hot energy, go-for-broke spirit, and breathless playing that mark the most exciting rock music. Verily, Emotions is the perfect soundtrack for your next wild and out-of-control party (it also sounds swell even if you’re just sitting around smoking cigarettes and staring at the wall). Inspirational lyric: ”It’s never too late to be a dropout.”

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