Gary Susman
September 11, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Jersey City, N.J., police are giving 50 Cent five days to turn himself in for questioning in connection with a shooting at a hotel that took place just as he and his entourage were checking in. According to the New York Daily News, police say that two gunmen opened fire as the rapper’s sport utility limo was parking at the local Doubletree Hotel shortly after midnight on Wednesday morning. No one was hurt, but it wasn’t clear who fired the shots or why.

Police say they recovered 10 shell casings from two guns, a .40-caliber pistol and a.45 automatic. They say they want to know why no one from the hotel called the police until half an hour after the incident, and why 50 Cent and his entourage fled the scene. (Of course, 50 Cent has famously survived being shot nine times; maybe he just feared for his safety.) The rapper’s rep told MTV News he’s now in Los Angeles shooting a music video, but if he doesn’t come in for questioning in five days, police will issue a warrant for his arrest. Meanwhile, police say they’re examining a hotel security tape that captured the incident, trying to identify a dozen individuals shown, the New York Post reports.

Could this have anything to do with 50’s public feud with Ja Rule? According to the Daily News, police say the rival rapper was shooting a movie only a few blocks away, and he was even staying at the same hotel, the Jersey City Hyatt, as 50, who had been shuttling back and forth between hotels. Also, in the last couple weeks, friends of both rappers had been fatally shot in Queens, near where both 50 Cent and Ja Rule grew up. ”There is apparently some sort of war going on,” Jersey City Police Sgt. Edgar Martinez told the Daily News.

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