Joshua Rich
September 12, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The title refers to just one episode in Angus’ 2001 odyssey along the entire length of Asia’s mammoth Yenisey River — specifically, an 11-day ordeal during which he, sans shoes, shirt, or supplies, was accidentally separated from his mates and survived with the aid of yurt-dwelling peasants, the inexplicably friendly denizens of a Mongolian military base, and, strangely enough, e-mail. It’s a priceless event made palpable with streamlined prose that deftly magnifies the wonder of his half-year quest from Beijing to the Arctic. The Canadian’s bio calls him ”a full-time adventurer.” But if Angus ever tires of navigating a rickety skiff through icy channels, nightclubbing with Siberian mafiosi, or snorting snuff beside a yak-dung-fueled fire, he’s got an awfully good career to fall back on.

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