Michael J. Fox: Mark Seliger/Corbis Outline
Gillian Flynn
September 12, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Michael J. Fox is an amiable, boyish, diminutive fraud. That’s right, his middle name is Andrew. Which does not begin with a J. This concludes the hard news portion of our piece. Now, friends, delight as the star of ”Family Ties,” the ”Back to the Future” series, and ”Spin City” (the DVD collection of which, ”Spin City: Michael J. Fox — His All-Time Favorites,” hit stores last week) tries to spin himself out of a very stupid situation.

While reviewing your favorite ”Spin City” episodes for the DVD set, how many times did you kick your feet up and say, ”Damn, I school that Sheen kid”?
What I’d do is kick my feet up and watch Charlie Sheen on that show and go, ”God bless America,” because [as producer] I’m still getting paid. I made a real case for Jon Cryer when Charlie didn’t want to do it anymore.

The ”Family Ties” theme included the line ”Ain’t no nothing we can’t love each other through….” Does a declaration of love count if it’s in the triple negative?
The only thing we couldn’t love each other through was bad grammar.

Let’s talk Skippy — what was he doing the last time you saw him, and did he seem happy?
I think he [Marc Price] had an all-star ”Win, Lose or Draw” coming up and he was cramming for that. He had something going with Vicki Lawrence — in the Mama drag. I think he was disappointed when he found out the Mama drag was in fact drag.

Looking through old Tiger Beats, I encountered the following images: You playing a tiny toy guitar, you in a tux and cape frolicking with greyhounds, you wearing Kristy McNichol’s hair. Who talked you into these shoots, and was it the same person who made you do ”Teen Wolf”?
It was actually the people who made ”I Love the 80s” for VH1 — they needed material and they were just foresighted enough.

If you could go ”Back in Ti-e-yime,” what would you correct: that two-toned acid-washed jean jacket from ”Back to the Future,” or your appearance on a 1987 cover of Playgirl?
I was actually thinking about the suspenders — the little twiggy suspenders to hold up these skintight acid-washed jeans. Like, these are falling down?

Spin this, Mr. Spinnypants…is it really awkward that I just called you Mr. Spinnypants?
No. It’s just a little creepy because my wife calls me that — so I’m wondering if the place is bugged.

Convince me this was a brilliant idea: you as the hard-rocking brother of Joan Jett in ”Light of Day.”
I give up on that. It wasn’t a good idea at all. I think Paul Schrader just wanted to make something scarier than ”Cat People.” And he did.

When you filmed ”Casualties of War” with Sean Penn, did you ever turn to him and say, ”Hey, Fancy Method Actor, are these three Emmys in my pants or am I just happy to see you?”
It was a Golden Globe, actually.

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