Paradise Hotel: Joe Viles/Fox
Dalton Ross
September 17, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

See if ”Paradise Hotel” is a winner or a loser

VIEWERS 5.6 million on Mondays, 6.6 million on Wednesdays

WHAT HAPPENED Fox’s perversely addictive fleshfest unleashed a rotating cast of 11 sexed-up singles in a private hotel, with the purpose being…well, we’re still not exactly sure.

WHY WE’RE SPLIT There are many different definitions of paradise, but none of them ever included backstabbing, bawling, and near constant ego brawling. At least not until now. And while ratings weren’t great, viewership skewed young, so don’t be shocked if ”Hotel” reopens next summer.

LASTING CONTRIBUTION TO THE GENRE Another show besides ”Queer Eye” where men could study the fine art of chest waxing.

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