Clarissa Cruz
September 26, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

How to Meet Cute Boys

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Deanna Kizis
Warner Books

We gave it a B+

THE NANNY Repressed (but really hot) nanny Jo leaves her country life to move in with an affluent London Family…and their hunky financier boarder. HEROINE’S CONFLICT Should she take a chance with the exciting yet unreliable housemate or settle for a nice guy proposing marriage? NAUGHTY THOUGHTS ”He glanced up at Jo through thick eyelashes…. Jo wanted the ground to swallow her up. Then she wanted the ground to throw Josh on top of her.” LOWDOWN Laugh-out-Loud prose balances the twisty plot.

STRAIGHT TALKING Bootylicious TV producer Tasha and her gaggle of Sex and the City-ish friends attempt to decipher male behavior in yuppie London. HEROINE’S CONFLICT Should she take a chance with an exciting yet unreliable lothario or settle for a nice guy who doesn’t make her pulse race? NAUGHTY THOUGHTS ”When he turns around to smile at me…I can’t help it, my loins stir, this man is so…so f — -able.” LOWDOWN Compulsively readable, with surprisingly touching moments of chick-lit truth.

HOW TO MEET CUTE BOYS Magazine writer Benjamina, 27, searches for love in L.A., scooping up goody bags and C-list stars along the way. HEROINE’S CONFLICT Should she tadpole with an exciting yet unreliable 20-year-old entrepreneur or settle for a nice guy her own age? NAUGHTY THOUGHTS ”I could think of a lot of really dirty things to do with those lips…[they] could be a novel in and of themselves.” LOWDOWN Hollywood name-dropping is fun, but Ben should’ve dropped her piece of Ashton.

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