Alice King
September 26, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

It seems P. Diddy will trade the Cristal for Gatoradeat least he shouldas he runs Nov. 2’s New York City Marathon. Below, our race-day tips:

LOSE THE POSSE Seriously, you expect those 300-pound bodyguards to keep pace with you for 26.2 miles?

$3,000 SUITS AREN’T ”WICKING” How about Sean Jean sweat-managing running togs? Bonus: Your name will be on your shirt, so spectators won’t face that ”P.” vs. ”Puffy” awkwardness as they cheer you on.

NO BLING-BLING Try this: Lift that diamond-crusted medallion and let it drop against your sternum. Now do it for four hours. Ouch.

THE WALL Around mile 20, you’ll want to quit (not unlike those kids you tortured on MTV’s Making the Band). Station your manservant Farnsworth with energy-boosting snacks. Bring enough to share!

ONE WORD: NIPGUARDS Avoid the bloody shirt — do like Lil’ Kim and put on the pasties! — Alice King

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