Gary Susman
September 29, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Is Broadway ready for Ozzy Osbourne? The Prince of Darkness tells MTV News he’s writing a Broadway musical about one of Czarist Russia’s most notorious figures, Rasputin, the megalomaniacal monk whose baleful influence on the family of Nicholas II helped inspire the Russian Revolution that overthrew the czars in 1917.

Ozzy says he’s recording the songs for the show in a new studio built at the Osbournes’ famous Beverly Hills home, and that he’ll release the tunes on an independent-label CD. ”We don’t like record labels,” wife and manager Sharon Osbourne told MTV. Making a wet raspberry, she added, ”[Poop] on record labels.” ”Especially Epic,” chimed in daughter Kelly, who, like her dad, was recently dropped from the label. ”Easy,” said son Jack, who still works as a talent scout for Epic.

Ozzy’s reps told MTV that more details about the musical would be forthcoming. Meanwhile, we suggest that Ozzy use some songs already in his catalogue to dramatize the unkillable cleric’s life, like ”Paranoid” and ”Iron Man.”

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