Tom Sizemore enters rehab |


Tom Sizemore enters rehab

Tom Sizemore enters rehab. Awaiting sentencing for abusing ex-fiancee Heidi Fleiss, the ''Black Hawk Down'' actor seeks treatment

Tom Sizemore, Robbery Homicide Division

(Robbery Homicide Division Photograph by Jacqueline Bohnert)

Days before he was to be sentenced for abusing and harassing former fiancee Heidi Fleiss, ”Black Hawk Down” actor Tom Sizemore has entered rehab, E! Online reports. In the wake of his conviction last month, he was due to be sentenced this Friday, but prosecutors have now delayed sentencing to Oct. 9 while Sizemore receives treatment for an undisclosed addiction. The actor, who has spoken candidly of his past battles with addiction (he credited riend Robert De Niro with prodding him to kick drugs in the mid-’90s), may face up to four years behind bars.