Liane Bonin
September 30, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Sounds like someone took ”I Know What You Did Last Summer” a little too seriously. On Monday, Diana Napolis, 47, pleaded guilty to stalking Jennifer Love Hewitt (”Party of Five”), whom she believed could read her mind. Napolis faces up to three years in prison for the crime.

Napolis, who has been diagnosed as delusional but was deemed competent to stand trial, first accosted Hewitt, 24, outside a San Diego radio station, then repeatedly harassed the actress between July 29 and Nov. 3 of 2002. ”She believed that Ms. Love Hewitt was part of a group that targeted her with so-called psychotronic technology,” which she believed allowed the actress to read minds, San Diego Deputy District Attorney Fiona Khalil told Reuters. Really, if Love Hewitt could read minds, wouldn’t she instead be trying to figure out why her agent let her do ”The Tuxedo”?

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