Dalton Ross
October 03, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The Tick: The Entire Series

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We gave it an A-

It was too smart. Too funny. Too weird. So, of course, it failed. The wicked men at Fox may have thought they had stymied our blue superhero chum when they canceled the live-action adaptation of Ben Edlund’s comic, but sweet justice has finally been served — and this piping-hot dish comes in the form of the double-DVD package The Tick: The Entire Series!, featuring all nine episodes. (Fox only aired eight.)

Patrick Warburton shines as the oblivious and oafish Tick, but the real secret power of the show comes from the codpiece of Nestor Carbonell’s Batmanuel. Or so he would have you believe. EXTRAS In one of the commentary tracks, executive producer Barry Sonnenfeld calls the pilot episode ”the single best thing I have directed.” We agree.

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