Nick & Jessica sign on for ''Newlyweds'' season 2 |


Nick & Jessica sign on for ''Newlyweds'' season 2

Nick & Jessica sign on for ''Newlyweds'' season 2 -- MTV renews the popular reality show about the married pop singers

Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson

The Osbournes? Who are they? That’s what MTV execs might be saying now that pop stars Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson’s show, ”Newlyweds,” is the music net’s latest sensation. MTV has announced it will renew the popular show for a second season, according to the Associated Press.

The 23-year-old Simpson’s ”performance” in the reality program has garnered buzz, what with her frequent malapropisms (”I thought it was ‘platymapus”’), excessive bodily gas expulsion, and references to said gas expulsion (”You love my stinky a–”). The finale of the first season of ”Newlyweds” will air on MTV Oct. 21 at 10:30 p.m., five days before the couple’s one-year wedding anniversary.