Karen Valby
October 10, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The message boards are rocking. Does Kyle Gass, half of cheerfully demented music duo Tenacious D, make a cameo in pal Jack Black’s ”School of Rock,” like he did in ”Shallow Hal,” ”Saving Silverman,” and ”Bongwater”? ”No, he did not appear in the film, and I know it’s going to cause a stir,” laughs Black. ”But there wasn’t any really good part for him. I guess he could have been one of the teachers with, like, one line, but that wouldn’t have been cool.” Better to save the juice for their quest comedy ”Tenacious D in ‘The Pick of Destiny,”’ which the duo plans to start shooting in January (Liam Lynch will direct). In the meantime, Gass is down with Black’s solo on-screen antics: ”Obviously they took a lot from Tenacious D, and didn’t give me credit, but, you know…” Ooh, tension in the band. (Additional reporting by Adam B. Vary)

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