Karyn L. Barr
October 17, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Oh, what a tangled web of intrigue and deceit Patterson weaves! It’s been five years since the best-selling lawyer-author first introduced political junkies to brazenly liberal President Kerry Kilcannon with ”No Safe Place.” In this installment, Kilcannon presses for strict gun-control measures after the First Lady’s family is murdered. With his legislative guns blazing, the feisty Chief and his gaggle of Dems embroil themselves in a vicious fight with insidious NRA types and the GOP-controlled Congress. Though the mudslinging and K Street power-brokering shtick sometimes veer into the predictable, the 612-page tome’s oh-so-revealing peek inside the Beltway will leave you lobbying for more.

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