Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain: Lisa O'Connor/ZUMA Press/NewsCom
Gary Susman
October 17, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Courtney Love, who’s already facing legal trouble in the wake of her Oct. 2 arrest on drug charges, is also facing a legal fight to keep her daughter, 11-year-old Frances Bean Cobain, the New York Daily News reports. On Thursday, Love attended a hearing at Los Angeles Juvenile Court to convince a judge that she was mentally fit to care for the girl. Since her arrest, her daughter has been in the care of Wendy O’Connor, Frances’ grandmother and the mother of Love’s late husband, Kurt Cobain, placed there by the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services.

Love tells the Daily News that, on Oct. 10, authorities placed her under psychiatric evaluation. ”Cops and two ladies in white coats came to my house,” she says. ”I got jackbooted. My mouth was taped shut. They put a Ping-Pong ball in my mouth.” The former Hole singer says she was taken to Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena, where the rehab program is run by another MTV regular, ”Loveline” host Dr. Drew Pinsky, and that she checked herself out after 24 hours. Shoeless and on the street, she says she knocked on the door of a house with two teenage girls inside and said, ”Hi, I’m Courtney Love. I’m leaving the loony bin.” Ultimately, she says a guy she met at a guitar store gave her a ride home.

Love dismisses authorities’ fears that she abandoned her child on the night of her arrest, telling the Daily News that Frances was asleep at home with a live-in nanny. As the Los Angeles Times first reported, the rocker was arrested in the wee hours of Oct. 2 after allegedly smashing the windows of an area home and trying to get inside. (MTV News and People magazine have reported that her manager and boyfriend Jim Barber lives there, but Love said in a statement on her website that the house belongs to her.) According to the Times, she was booked on charges of being under the influence of an controlled substance and released on $2,500 bail. Less than an hour later, Beverly Hills cops and paramedics responded to an emergency call (which Love said on her website she made herself) and took her to a hospital for treatment for a possible overdose, the Times reported. People reported that Love, who was released later that day, had overdosed on the prescription drug OxyContin, but Love said on her website that she had accidentally taken too much of the sedative Xanax.

Talking to the Daily News, a child welfare spokesperson would only say that the department ”is investigating the matter.” Meanwhile, Love faces arraignment for her drug charge on Oct. 31. Love’s publicist did not return’s call seeking comment by press time.

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