Jennifer Garner will appear on Martha Stewart's show |


Jennifer Garner will appear on Martha Stewart's show

Jennifer Garner will appear on Martha Stewart's show. The ''Alias'' spy's latest mission: help roast and stuff a bird on a Thanksgiving episode of ''Martha Stewart Living''

Jennifer Garner’s skills as a government agent probably can’t help Martha Stewart untangle her legal difficulties. But at least the ”Alias” spy can help the domestic diva make Thanksgiving dinner. She’ll appear on an episode of Stewart’s daily syndicated TV show, ”Martha Stewart Living,” tentatively scheduled to air Nov. 18, in which two of TV’s most fearsome females will roast and stuff a traditional holiday turkey with cranberry glaze and stuffing, a spokesperson for the show told

Garner has gushed in interviews about how Stewart is a fixture on her TiVo; she reportedly even named one of her dogs after Martha. The homemaking maven took note and invited Garner to come for Thanksgiving dinner (although the episode was actually shot in September). As it turned out, some of her ”Alias” skills did come in handy when it came time to truss the turkey. After all, the Stewart spokesperson told, ”Jennifer trusses people up all the time.”

Originally posted October 17 2003 — 12:00 AM EDT

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