Jerry Bruckheimer Illustration by C.F. Payne
EW Staff
October 17, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Jerry Bruckheimer made EW’s Power List

Age 58

In the halls of Hollywood power, the buzz is the same: Jerry Bruckheimer has been supersized. Already an Überproducer among Überproducers, Bruckheimer has solidified and clarified his singular stature with a blockbuster-packed year — in film, ”Pirates of the Caribbean” (the year’s biggest live-action hit) and ”Bad Boys II”; in TV, ”CSI” (the nation’s most-watched show) and sophomore hits ”CSI: Miami” and ”Without a Trace.” The man is no longer just a canny packager of talent and content with a fat back-end. Bruckheimer has become a brand. Like a Spielberg or a Hanks, his name drives box office (studios conspicuously emphasize ”from producer Jerry Bruckheimer” in ads because research shows it can help broaden a movie’s appeal) and ratings (witness the sterling premiere of CBS’ star-free ”Cold Case”). The Bruckheimer blend of hip, quick, slick, and even smart made ”Pirates” the summer’s most surprising (and fun) franchise launch. And this fall, he’s the hottest thing on TV. By February, Bruckheimer could have as many as six series on the air. His critic-proof formula does suffer from indulgences that only power can permit: ”Bad Boys II” could have been 20 minutes shorter — and better for it. But we quibble. Bruckheimer is now boldly extending his brand: Next, he wants to add a PI drama with Jimmy Smits — and a sitcom. His ’04 holiday season opus: Disney’s ”King Arthur.” Hubris? Perhaps. But if successful?well, our No. 2 — Steven Spielberg — may want to get used to being where he is.

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