Gary Susman
October 20, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

California Governator-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first legal forays have involved his previous life as a high-profile movie star. He’s still in the process of terminating two court cases, one involving a prowler at his home in Brentwood, the other involving a billboard for the DVD release of ”Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.”

Richard Sathianathan, 32, who was allegedly caught prowling at the Schwarzenegger estate by the actor’s security guards last month, pleaded no contest on Friday to charges of trespassing and pleaded guilty to charges of tampering with one of Schwarzenegger’s cars, the Associated Press reports. Superior Court Judge Antonio Barreto Jr. sentenced him to three years’ probation and ordered him to undergo psychological counseling and to stay away from Schwarzenegger, his wife, Maria Shriver, their property and the governor’s mansion, city attorney’s spokesperson Frank Mateljan said. The judge also gave Sathianathan credit for the 50 days he’d spent in the county jail since his arrest.

Also on Friday, the city attorney’s office said it had charged Robert Lusk Davis, owner of a building overlooking the Hollywood Freeway, with six misdemeanor counts over the 110-by-40-foot ”T3” mural painted as a billboard on the side of the building. ”I am committed to removing illegal billboards in order to keep our communities free from visual blight,” City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo said in a statement.

Davis, who faces six months in jail and a $1,000 fine for each count, said he would seek a court order to keep the ad and disputed that he had commited any zoning violations, telling the Associated Press, ”We believe we are now, and always have been, properly permitted.” Meanwhile, the Cahuenga Pass Neighborhood Association, which filed the initial complaint about the mural, said it would go directly to ”T3” distributor Warner Bros. to complain. ”I told the attorney for Warner Bros. it reflects poorly on the governor-elect to be associated with something that is illegal,” association president Joan Luchs told AP.

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