Britney Spears: Herb Ritts
Gary Susman
October 28, 2003 AT 05:00 AM EST

Is Britney Spears following her idol and occasional smooch partner Madonna to England? She visited the U.K. last week to promote the pair’s ”Me Against the Music” video, and she gave an interview to Britain’s ITV television network in which she said, ”I went to London last week and it’s so cool there. I’m thinking of moving there. It’s really beautiful. I love it there.”

One Brit that Britney doesn’t want to run into, however, is Simon Cowell. The ”American Idol” judge and pop-idol manufacturer told last year that ”… Baby One More Time” would have been a smash hit no matter who sang it. She doesn’t think much of him either, though she likes the show. ”I think it’s a cool thing, I think it’s inspiring for kids,” she said of ”Idol.” ”I think people watch that and it gives them hope. You see these kids, they’re hungry and they’re inspired and motivated.” Until they’re stung by Cowell’s barbs, maybe. Of Cowell’s judgments, she says, ”I would take his advice and whatever he said and tell him to shove it.”

One advantage of moving to London: it would put an additional 3,000 miles between her and convicted stalker Masahiko Shizawa. Last week, the Japanese businessman, the subject of a Spears restraining order, sued her for ”emotional distress,” the result, he claimed, of an incident in which her bodyguards allegedly threatened him with a gun when they confronted him on the street outside her home in October 2002. Now, the Associated Press reports, Shizawa is also suing the city of Los Angeles, claiming he suffered a ”loss of human dignity” when L.A. police searched his hotel room around the same time. His attorney filed suit in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles on Monday, seeking unspecified damages. A police spokesperson told AP that police officials hadn’t seen the complaint but would not comment on pending litigation.

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