Gary Susman
October 28, 2003 AT 05:00 AM EST

As long as Steven Soderbergh and Paul Thomas Anderson are making movies, Luis Guzman will never want for work — which is good because the actor’s Fox sitcom, ”Luis,” is the first new show of the fall TV season to get the ax. On Monday, Fox scrapped the sitcom, in which Guzman played the cantankerous owner of a Spanish Harlem donut shop, after airing just four episodes, leaving six completed episodes in the can, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The series drew only about 3.6 million customers a week, according to Nielsen. In its place on Fridays at 8:30, the network will run new episodes of ”Wanda at Large.” That means a full hour of ”Wanda,” which will also continue to air in its regular 8 p.m. time slot.

”Luis” managed to beat two other troubled new shows for the dubious honor. NBC’s ”Coupling” and CBS’ ”The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H.” have already gone on ”hiatus” and their returns are doubtful. CBS, however, gave a vote of confidence to its five other new shows — ”Joan of Arcadia,” ”Cold Case,” ”Two and a Half Men,” ”Navy NCIS,” and ”The Handler,” ordering full-season commitments of each show on Monday, according to the Reporter.

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